Lensbest - International Day of Biological Diversity

The goal of “International Day of Biological Diversity" is reminding people of the importance of preserving the biological diversity of our planet. The first Biodiversity Day took place on 22nd of May 2001 and has been attracting more and more attention every year since. According to the Red List of Endangered Species, more than 31,000 species are threatened by extinction in 2021. That’s more than 27% of all species on the planet! On the list of endangered species are some of our favourite animals: giraffes, elephants, whales and even turtles. And particularly under threat is one species we all know and appreciate from our own climate: the bees!

In keeping with the theme of International Day of Biological Diversity, we at Lensbest asked ourselves: how do animals actually see the world? Do they see things just like us, or do they have special optical qualities or abilities? We’ve taken a small selection of animals and tried to see the world through their eyes. Just choose one of the 360° ambient pictures and the desired animal and let us put you in the perspective of a dog, cat, snail or the bee that we all appreciate so much!

This is how it works

  • 1. Select your 360° environment image
  • 2. Select your desired animal
  • 3. Move around and be amazed
  • 4. Leave the animal's world and read information on the peculiarities of its view

1: select your image

2: select your Eye frame